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For commercial creative design and animation projects I work together with Liesbeth Eeckman in the Mochi Motion group. Our portfolio, social media channels and contact info for commissions can be found on mochimotion.be

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Joel Rabijns (BE, 1986)

I am a filmmaker living and working in Ghent, Belgium. Previously worked for one of the country’s oldest universities, in their production studio beyond the woods of Arenberg Castle. Currently member of freelance design and animation team Mochi Motion, with Liesbeth Eeckman.
I write and direct feature films in collaboration with Yves Sondermeier. Our debut, The Thingy: Confessions Of A Teenage Placenta, will be followed up by Baldi’s Beans, currently in development.

Feel free to contact me:


For commissions –still or moving picture design– please send a message to

Click on each section below to view the work –

Section –A– (Canonicalia post 2012):
2018: Various still and short form apparitions
2013: The Miracle Of Life (or The Thingy: Confessions Of A Teenage Placenta)
2013-2018: Fragments of Lost Talkie

Section –B– (Canonicalia pre 2012):
2011: De Film Van Het Boek Van De Meester Van Het Geheime Huis
2010: DinosaurPunk
2009: Balloonmen