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Joel Rabijns (BE, 1986) 

MASTER in the CINEMATIC & GRAPHIC ARTS as certified by several academic institutions and at least one occult society.

This is the information I usually send to the festivals, if they want to know about me:

“Joel Rabijns was born and raised in Hasselt,  a small town near the German border.

After working as director / editor / animator of scientific video’s for one of the country’s leading universities, he moved to Ghent in 2008, to study Film at the Royal Academy. There, he made short scientific documentaries about, respectively, dinosaurs and Egyptian mummification.
These projects were well-received by audiences, which encouraged Rabijns to further explore strange cinematic dreamscapes, in all their technical extremes. From sleazy trash aesthetics to hyper-edited seizure compositions.

In 2013 he made the step to narrative fiction, with the feature length film The Miracle of Life, co-created with Yves Sondermeier. The Miracle was picked up by cult label Troma for US distribution under its international title The Thingy: Confessions Of A Teenage Placenta. A follow up feature, titled Baldi’s Beans is currently in preproduction.”

If you have any questions, comments or proposals, feel free to contact me using the form, or the other channels, below.