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A short film by Liesbeth Eeckman.
2016. 16m50s. No dialogue.
Official site

Kitten Instinct was directed and animated by Liesbeth Eeckman in spectacular old skool stop motion. I had the pleasure to be closely involved in almost every phase of the production, most notably co-writing the story with Liesbeth, building many of the sets, digital compositing and animation, and much of the post production.

Sometime in the late Cretaceous, a fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex dreams about a cute little kitten. It is a dream that ushers in a new phase of his life. Determined to recover the kitten, he abandons his daily routine of hunting, eating and sleeping and sets out to explore the world around him.
The story is visualized as a documentary-style reenactment of dinosaur behaviour. With a dreamy montage and cutting across animation styles (combining stop motion and drawn animation, with bits of 3D and live action), this speculative behavioural study on dinosaurs evolves towards an actual behavioural study of the contemporary domestic cat, enacted by dinosaurs.

Other members of the key crew were Yves Sondermeier (cinematography and color grading) and Simon Halsberghe (original soundtrack, the awesome album of which can be heard/bought >here<)

Below is a trailer of the 17 minute film. Additional info can be found through Liesbeth Eeckman’s website.

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