Fig. 3.2: subject inhabiting simulation of informal setting

subject: Joel Rabijns
compressed metadata: be.1986
eidetic memory: 4.358
visibility: public


The following testimony has been extracted from subject by its own Free Will(¹)

I am a filmmaker, living and working in Ghent, Belgium. I have learned my craft at the Royal Academy, where I have completed all the necessary rites and trials to attain the rank of Master. Have worked for one of the country’s oldest universities, in their video production studio beyond the woods of Arenberg castle. Currently member of two animation studios: Mochi Motion (with my wife, Liesbeth Eeckman) and Volstok of the Wenneker Group.

I write and direct feature films in collaboration with Yves Sondermeier. Our debut, The Thingy: Confessions of a Teenage Placenta will be followed by Baldi’s Beans, currently in development.

23th generation of the Radbodo bloodline. The role of messenger-counselor has been passed on to me. Its coat of arms is the Double Jawbone.

joel.rabijns [at]


(¹) standard definition applies, see article 118.2 of the Grand Electric Sponsor Inc. Ceremonial Brand Guidelines